Pants on firr

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Pants on firr

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Re: Pants on firr

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Hence my (winning?) entry in the Caption Competition... :D ... 51#p558051
Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

A woman doesn't want a man's opinion, they just want to hear their own opinion repeated back to them in a deeper voice.
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Re: Pants on firr

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MS Butler gets hoofed out of Parliament and the wokes love it , disregarding the expenses scandal .
Anywho , let's not mention that anymore , and can I have another latte please barista ?
Dennis Skinner ? 'effin working class oik , never mind his clean expenses record . He is not one of ours
or a Blek the middle classes can trust .
" The white liberal is the biggest threat to the black man "

Malcolm X
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