A bit of skirt.

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silly old sod
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A bit of skirt.

Post by silly old sod »

Is it me or are most women now wearing trousers? They are so unbecoming, and emphasise some horrendous rear ends.
Skirts are feminine, and enhance a nice figure whilst if full or flaired cover the not so nice fuller shape.
Do more women wish to be like men? footballers, boxers, rugby players, etc. etc. or is it the sheep thing like white cars, beards, and tattoos.
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Re: A bit of skirt.

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Your post will be seen as trousphobic ! 😊
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old git
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Re: A bit of skirt.

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Whatever happened to the "cheeky girls"? They wore hot pants... and I don't remember blokes complaining! :bom:
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Francis Bacon
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Re: A bit of skirt.

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This is an outstandingly good grump. I'm off into town later, so I promise to carry out some observational research.

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