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Bloke on the radio

Post by williamtravis »

Was listening to the Hawksbee and Jacobs show on talksport yesterday. Some chap called Max Rushton is standing in for Andy Jacobs. Anywho. Part of the show involves Paddy Power giving the presenters a free bet and if it comes in it is all added together to give to the presenters charity of choice at the end of the year .
Rushtons total stood at £300 whilst Paul Hawksbee's was £70.
Rushton then went full woke and proclaimed that the totals should be added together and then split.
Lovely. That Max is one helluva bloke with such a generous and kind gesture.
That is until you realise that this is what being woke is all about . Appearing outwardly to be a nice person.
Because as far as I can tell splitting the proceeds does not mean anymore cash was forthcoming.
All that happened was Rushton earned some valuable woke points for doing sweet f.a.
Wokery in a nutshell.
" The white liberal is the biggest threat to the black man "

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