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Grumpier Old Men

"I don't believe it !" - Victor M.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 2:02 am 

Joined: Wed Sep 14, 2016
Posts: 7
Hello ladies and gents, well this is a new thing for me,but I guess I'm in the right place, as it was ME that searched a grumpy persons forum out!!
Now I'm no self confessed professional on anything really, but I do know I seem to be a grumpy git, at least thats what colleagues, and friends (of which there are few,but they are good ones tell me) I must admit I am somewhat of a grumpy sod, I don't get the youth of today,I'm totally out of touch with "fashion" or just about anything that's the "in thing", I can't be bothered with small talk, and generally have a problem or general dislike for/with most things, ie taxes, robbing government, the generall shit state of the country and world we live in,
I just can't get my head around a hell of a lot of things happening in today's world, I mean what effing right minded person blows themselves up in the name of some fictitious character?? No offence intended to those of a religious stance, I just don't get it, and am really more annoyed at the fact religion is seemingly the basis for so much death and destruction, I could happily go on with what else grinds my gears, but another post maby!!
Anyhow I digress, to be honest I am here like most of us because I assume (and I hope correctly, otherwise what's the point!!) that this is THE place to let it out and generally grump. But here's the thing, I would also appreciate some advice,
As before, being no professional in the intricacies of grumpiness, I don't know what the accepted ages or social situations etc dictate generally speaking when most Peoole developed the "skill" to be a grumpy sod, in my case I am a happily married man of 10 yrs, 2 beautifull daughters of 7 & 9, (obviously trouble in themselves and no doubt more to come!! Im a manager in a thriving business with no real stress and a comfortable earning, yet seem to be one sanctimonious grumpy git who detests a lot of what is generally accepted in life as "the norm",
For instance a colleague once said to me, "it must be hard being that grumpy? my reply was simply,
"no in fact it's easy, I don't want to discuss what I had for dinner last night or what I did,because I don't want you to know my business, and I dont ask what you ate for dinner or what you got up to because frankly I don't care!.
And here's what I belive to be the kicker, I am 30yrs young!! Am I grumpy and old before my time, or has wisdom decided I am worthy before the accepted norm??????

PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 1:19 pm 
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Joined: Sun Aug 21, 2016
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Location: The poor part of South Cambridgeshire
Welcome, mrpissedoff.

Glad you've joined, it gets my name off the last post!!

Grumpiness can start at any age. I started in my 50's, but didn't come onto this site until recently. Nothing beats a good grump. And there is plenty to grump at.

It is possible that you may be prematurely grumpy.......................................

.........................but welcome all the same! :D

The problem with socialists is that they soon run out of other peoples money.

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